The Frost/Nixon Movie Photo Gallery

Pictures & Photos of Scenes From The Film

Check out this gallery of Frost/Nixon photos from the upcoming film. These, along with the Frost/Nixon film synopsis and the Frost/Nixon trailer on this website will help give you a preview of what you can expect when you see this film in theaters on December 5th.

In the first of the Frost/Nixon pictures, you see Richard Nixon smiling and waving to reporters, photographers, and onlookers with David Frost in the background. This is probably the scene when they are arriving for the interview. In the second of the Frost/Nixon photos, you see David Frost sitting at a table with his three investigators as they plan their strategy for “attack” during the interview with Nixon. In the third of the Frost/Nixon pictures, you see Nixon and his advisor Jack Brennan in a very serious moment of conference, probably planning their own strategy for recouping Nixon’s reputation through the interview. In the fourth of the Frost/Nixon photos, you see Nixon shaking David Frost’s hand, but he’s leaned in face-to-face with his finger pointed at Frost in a threatening way. Finally, in the fifth of the Frost/Nixon pictures, you see David Frost and Richard Nixon sitting down during the actual interview. Nixon appears to be very animated in arguing his point.

You can download or email any of these Frost/Nixon photos to your friends and family to share your excitement for this upcoming historic film about the untold story of the David Frost interview with Richard Nixon. Find out the true story behind the story when the movie launches in theaters on December 5th.

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