The Frost/Nixon Movie Trailer – Videos, Video Clips & Scenes From The Film

Watch the Frost/Nixon movie trailer here to get a preview of what you can expect when the movie launches in theaters on December 5th. You can also read the Frost/Nixon film synopsis and view Frost/Nixon photos here on this site to build excitement for the film.

The Frost/Nixon trailer opens with Richard Nixon announcing his resignation from the presidency combined with news clips and footage from that time in history. You’re then introduced to David Frost, the British talk show host who wants to interview Nixon, much to the shock of his colleagues and Nixon himself. At that point in the Frost/Nixon movie trailer, you see Nixon being offered half a million dollars, and his interest is piqued.

One of Frost’s team of investigators says he’ll refuse to shake Nixon’s hand, but then you see him changing his mind when faced with the man himself. As the Frost/Nixon trailer continues, you see how Nixon’s advisors tell him that Frost is beneath him and this will help him rebuild his reputation. Frost’s colleagues believe the whole interview is a joke and think Frost will be shamed by “Tricky Dick.”

Later in the Frost/Nixon movie trailer, you see Nixon and Frost sit down for the interview and right before the camera rolled, Nixon threw out a question designed simply to ruffle Frost’s feathers and throw him off his game. While Frost’s advisors and investigators are determined to use the interview to give Nixon the trial he never had, Nixon and his advisors are intent on shaming Frost and winning back the respect of the American people. As the Frost/Nixon trailer comes to its climax, you see Nixon’s advisor threatening Frost after the interview. What exactly happened? How did the interview go?

Find out how the scenes introduced in the Frost/Nixon movie trailer play out on screen when the movie launches in theaters on December 5th. You can also share this trailer with your friends and family to get them excited for this historic new film.